Gallery of  Murals by Janis Stevens

Room Mural

Nursery Rhyme Theme: "Hey diddle diddle, the cat played the fiddle while the cow  jumped over the moon.  The little dog laughed to see such a sight, and the dish ran away with the spoon."  I designed this  mural  to coordinate with the canopy of a designer crib with the cow jumping over the moon motif. Any theme can be custom ordered.  Prices on request. 

Wall Mural- Hey Diddle Diddle
        Mural for 14 foot wide by 10 foot high wall in nursery.

Vending Cart Mural

Sunset Mural on the front of a vending cart with banana tree and pineapple plant in the foreground.

Sunset Mural on Vending Cart
Vending Cart Sunset Mural  3' X 6'

Three Panel Tropical Murals 

Oil on gallery wrap canvas. Custom sizes available. Can be hung as a triptych or used as a room divider or screen. Back is finished and mounted on varnished wood with brass hinges.  Prices on request.

Each 2' x 6' panel is painted in oil on gallery wrapped canvas and is mounted on varnished wood. The back is finished and comes with optional brass hinges to be used as a room divider or screen. Panels may also be hung  as a triptych. Custom sizes available.
Three Panel Tropical Mural
Three Panel Tropical Mural

Three Panel Mermaids

Key West Tropical Flower Painting on Refridgerator

"This is my refrigerator! I didn't know how else to cover the rust spots."

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