Gallery of Nude Studies in Charcoal, Pastel and Oil

Nude studies are done with live models in 20 to 30 minute poses. Most are done in pastel or charcoal and sometimes acrylic. I also do commissioned pieces for clients of themselves and/or partner in pastel or oil.

Inquire about custom orders through my contact page.

Reclining Nude
Mango Nude Pastel Painting 
Mango Madness
Sitting Nude Woman in Pastel 
Sitting Nude
Orchid with Nude Woman Painting
Nude Cattleya orchid
Nude with White Orchid
Nude with White Orchid
Hibiscus with Nude Woman Painting
Nude w Red Hibiscus
Crystal Nude Painting

Red and Black 
Reclining Nude
Red Hat & Shoes
Red Boa Nude
Lady in Red

Pink Lingerie


Quick Sketch

Jack the Bodybuilder

Twisted Pose

Beach Boy 


Black Gloves

Pastel Sketch



Mangrove Mama

Study in Pastel

Early Sketch 

Male Model
Blue Nude Acrylic Painting
Blue Nude
Gigi Painting
Front Nude
The Lounge 
Yellow Nude
Yellow Nude
Pregnant Nude
Pregnant Nude
Sitting Nude
Black Stockings
  Working Girl Pastel Painting
Working Girl
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