Orchid Paintings in Oil by Janis Stevens

These paintings of  orchids are done in oil and the canvas size is 16" X 20" up to 4' X 4'. The larger orchids are gallery wrapped and painted on the sides so that it is not necessary to frame them. If you do not see your favorite orchid I will be happy to paint it for you! Email me at janis@e-isle.com or call (305) 294-3099.

"A flower is a leaf mad with love"- Goethe

Orchid portraits! Any size, any species.... Call or e-mail for info.

E-mail me about commissioning an orchid painting.


Cattleya Orchip Painting
Cateleya Close Up
Purple Cateleya

Pink Cateleya


Triple Red Orchids

Giant Orchid
Double Phalaenopsis
Inner Beauty
White Phalaenopsis

Triple Phalenopsis 
White Cataleyas
Key West Orchid Garden 
Orchid Garden
Orchid Painting 
Phalaenopsis Candor Violette

Custom Orchid Portraits- Any orchid, any sized available by Commission. Contact Janis@e-isle.com

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