Pet Portraits by Key West Artist Janis Stevens

Animal Portraits

Dog portraits, cat portraits, horse portraits, bird portraits and other animals can be done from a photo and rendered as an oil painting or pastel painting. Likeness and quality are guaranteed.... by artist Janis Stevens!

Animal Portrait of a Dog"I have been painting pet portraits of dogs, cats, horses, birds and other animals for over thirty years. My pet portraits have been seen in several magazine’s such as Dog Fancy, Cat Fancy, Dog Magazine and Morgan Horse. If you send me a clear photograph of your pet I can paint a guaranteed   likeness and send it to you." 

Pet portraits can be painted in oil from life or even from several photos. The background can be modified to reflect the unique personality of the pet. Family portraits or several family pets can be painted on one canvas.

Pastel Pet Portraits

A very good likeness can be painted in pastels for only $185. The colors are just as realistic but pastels must be framed under glass. An excellent likeness is guaranteed in both oil or pastel!

Pet Portraits in Oil

An oil portrait of one subject cost $450 in oil (per subject) and are 20 x 24 for a medium or large dog and 16 x 20 inches for a smaller dog.

Three Cats

Three Dogs


Sitting Cat

Woman and Dog


Little Dog


  Yorkies Pet Portrait 

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