Gallery of Ceramic Sculptures

Firing Sculptures
The Reduction Pit

Firing Wings with Raku

Janis Stevens removing Raku piece from Kiln. Pieces are fired to 1800 degrees and then placed in a covered reduction pit full of saw dust. After cooling the is removed and cleaned to produce the desired effect.

Raku of Woman
Raku of Woman
Sculpture of Man's Head
Ceramic Head Sculpture
Bust Sculpture
Hung Jury
Hung Jury

Prajmaparamita Mother

Female Form

Raku Mermaid

Porcelain Head

Buddha Kitty

Unidragon with Glass Horn
Unidragon with Glass Horn

Garden Nymph

Dr. G Bust  
Ceramic Funeral Urn
"Cat" Funeral Urn


Raku Vessel

Sager Fired Vessels


Wind Fish Raku Plate
Standing Mermaid Sculpture
Standing Mermaid

Mermaid Platter

Two Dolphins Platter

Two Mermaids Platter

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